What is FSI?

FSI is a seven-week summer program that allows a cohort of entering students the chance to experience the intellectual, co-curricular, and social life at Princeton prior to the beginning of the fall semester.  During the program, our Freshman Scholars have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the intellectually vibrant culture at Princeton through seminar-style courses and/or laboratory research experiences, to engage with their fellow scholars in a variety of co-curricular, community-building activities, and to work closely with faculty members from a range of academic disciplines and fields.  By experiencing early the many resources that Princeton has to offer, Freshman Scholars have the chance to prepare themselves to be future campus leaders and peer mentors. 

Administered by the Office of the Dean of the College, the FSI program is designed as a fellowship opportunity that you can attend without an additional financial burden.  It is therefore of no cost to students receiving any amount of grant aid from the university.  Students who do not receive grant aid from the university will still get free tuition and textbooks, but will be responsible for paying for room and board.  

In the summer of 2019, FSI will begin on July 6 (Saturday) and conclude on August 31 (Saturday).  Scholars will live on campus in a residential college (Butler College) and will take two credit-bearing courses.

For a more in-depth look at the FSI program, be sure to read the story Princeton 101: Freshman Scholars Institute immerses students in campus life in News at Princeton.

FSI alumni are also invited to apply to join Princeton’s four-year Scholars Institute Fellows Program (SIFP), designed for students from backgrounds historically underrepresented at Princeton, and for whom the university presents a new and different academic and social culture. SIFP especially welcomes first-generation college and lower-income applicants, military veterans, transfer students, and others seeking a supportive scholarly community. Becoming a SIFP Fellow allows undergraduates at all levels to build on the academic and co-curricular foundation established during FSI, or, for students who didn’t participate in FSI, to join its vibrant community for the first time. SIFP Fellows participate in workshops, roundtables, and advising events that support academic achievement, facilitate mentorship across FSI cohorts, and provide ongoing academic and professional development opportunities.

For more information about the SIFP program, please visit the website.

Kristen with a student

"I can't think of a better way to get started at Princeton...The network of support was unimaginable...It was through this program that I first realized that Princeton University was truly committed to encouraging me as an individual throughout my education in every way possible."

Freshman Scholar reflecting on program during sophomore year