FSI Parents

Hear what parents have to say about the Freshman Scholars Institute!

For my wife and I, having our first daughter attend college was very exciting. We felt happy and were not too concerned about what college or university she would end up going to. We knew that our daughter was very ambitious and hard working. Then our excitement was magnified when we learned that she had been accepted to Princeton University.
We did not know what to expect nor did we know what was expected from us, if anything. Since our daughter is a first-generation student, this was all new to us, and there was a lot of anxiety. However, we soon learned about meetings of alumni and parents organized by Princeton, and one was scheduled to take place near our hometown. We attended and were somewhat apprehensive at first. Soon after we arrived, though, we realized that everybody there was treated as family. Some people were still Princeton students, others were alumni of all ages, and each had different careers or were immersed in different fields of study. Yet they all had one thing in common: the desire to make future Princeton students and their families feel welcome and to clarify any and all concerns we had. After this meeting, my wife and I felt at ease.

Our daughter also received an invitation to attend the Freshman Scholars Institute (FSI). Though she was hesitant about going at first, she ended up going and has said that it was one of the best decisions she made. She enjoyed the experience—being able to meet members of the Princeton community, becoming familiar with the campus, and taking classes the summer before her first semester. She found FSI very helpful when beginning the fall semester. After attending the alumni meeting and hearing about our daughter’s experiences with FSI, we were confident in her ability to enjoy everything—academics and extracurriculars—that Princeton had to offer in the fall.

Every time we come to visit her on campus, we enjoy going out to dinner downtown and hearing about all her positive experiences on campus. She is still involved in the FSI community through the Scholars Institute Fellows Program (SIFP) and continues to enjoy this as well.

Parents of a 2015 FSI alum