Project Welcome Mat: Families Edition

Building off the success of Project Welcome Mat: A Guide for First Generation College Students, We have created a guide by first-generation students, for first-generation students’ families. The Princeton experience is both challenging and rewarding for students and their families, but often, families navigate the ups and downs of their student’s undergraduate career without much knowledge of what Princeton is like. They might wonder: What are the academic demands at Princeton? How many hours a week do my students spend on activities outside of the classroom? How often can my student come home and what is on their mind when they are home? Parents, siblings, and other relatives alike can use this guide to find useful information about the college experience, in general,  as well as to learn more about life at Princeton, in particular. 

Through this guide for families of first-generation students, we aim to provide family members with the resources necessary to best support your student academically, professionally, and emotionally. Additionally, by better understanding your student’s experience at Princeton, you will be able to foster an even stronger relationship with your student based on understanding and communication. We hope that this guide enables families to better engage in their student’s campus life. You can access the document in the link below.